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Puppy Update

It's been a spectacular fall and holiday season with our new little puppy! We've learned so much! Gus continues grow into such a sweet expression of God's goodness. He rarely barks, is always kind, playful and ready for a WALK. We started spelling it because he got so excited when he heard the actual word.

Gus LOVES the snow! After a spectacular fall, we witnessed one of the cutest things yet- Gus playing in the snow. Because he's a white dog, he practically disappears when the snow falls. Everything is a new experience for him, and it's wonderful to watch him discover it together.

Gus has several beds in the house with soft blankets for him to snuggle in. He is our cuddle bug at night when we hang out to watch a movie or just relax. His demeanor is so cute and kind- everyone falls in love with him when they meet him.



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