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Christmas Is Coming!

"Without Jesus, it would always be winter, but never Christmas." C.S. Lewis

This is SO true! As we begin this enchanted season, I reflect on all the things that make this time of year so wonderful, while remembering the greatest gift of all.

The fresh scent of pine wafts through the air from our new Christmas tree. Each year, Michael and I choose our tree and make a romantic afternoon of it. We decorate it with favorite ornaments, tinsel, lights and of course, a star. With his engineering background, he makes it beautiful to behold. Meanwhile, I pull out all our other decorations out and begin to create.

Later, in the kitchen, I can be found making my famous pumpkin muffins which Michael loves! The soft glow of tiny LED Christmas lights give the rooms a gentler hue. In the distance, familiar carols echo through the halls as tinsel graces our mantel. And on our mantel sits a picture from our wedding...

This year as I gaze at our home, I am reminded that some day soon, we will add a few, new sounds. The sound of little feet scampering to see what "Santa" brought them this year. Sticky fingers as little hands decorate Christmas cookies. Cozy evenings spent snuggled up on the coach as we watch favorite Christmas films. And of course, the sound of music and sweet carols as we attend service.

This year, in faith, we added a stocking to our mantle. You will see it on our Christmas cards and if you surf our site. Next year, it may be filled with some kind of Christmas goodie for Baby's First Year. All in all, things are shaping up to be a wonderful year. Thank-you for reading my blog and for praying for us. We are excited to share our news with you and our the Lord writes it.



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